HBO Go: Netflix Killer or Benign Entity?

25 02 2010

Just something we talked about on the podcast but that’s not up yet so I thought I’d post a little here:

While still in Beta, HBO Go (HBO’s online video streaming site) is being talked about as a potential Netflix killer.  Why?  Two reason, primarily, it can provide exclusive content not found anywhere else on the internet.  Secondarily, they have a lot more money to play with than Netflix (Time Warner is parent company to HBO).

I’m not terribly concerned though…yet.  Netflix is currently focused on bringing their watch instantly titles to the TV, whereas HBO currently seems to think that bringing their programming to the internet is the way to go.  Also, HBO Go currently only offers about 300 titles, no where near the over 17,000 of Netflix.  Finally, HBO Go is currently only available to people already subscribing to HBO’s cable service trough Comcast or Verizon FiOS, making the content very restricted in availability.

Of course, this entire discussion is shadowed by the news that Wal-Mart has purchased Vudu and is making their own run at video streaming.




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