Speculations Abound that Blockbuster’s Restructuring are the Business’s Death Throes

26 02 2010

It’s no secret that Blockbuster has been slowly bleeding money for some time now.  And that’s part of the problem.  Hit the link to read more… You see, who would subscribe to a service, or visit a store that’s on it’s way to Chapter 11?  A few years back, they tried to directly compete with Netflix.  I tried their DVD by mail service and was not impressed.  Apparently, not very many other people were impressed either.

Recently, amidst announcing yearly fiscal losses they’ve begun to list how they plan to rebound.  They’ve already tested DVD vending kiosks and plan to expand the program.   By copycatting Redbox’s DVD vending machines, Blockbuster hopes to remain in business.  Also, they’d like to try renting video games by mail.  Finally,  by retaining the ability to rent Warner titles on the day they come out, something both Netflix and Redbox gave up, Blockbuster will become the most obvious way to rent those titles.

Now, during the tough economy, no one wants to see a business fail. Still, it’s difficult to say that we didn’t see this coming.  Blockbuster believes that they can come out on top.  It’s going to be a difficult 12-18 months for them and if they can’t come back by then, it’ll be time to stick a fork in this brick-and-mortar chain.  I for one have no plans to set foot inside a Blockbuster ever again.  How about you?




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