News for the Week of March 1st

17 03 2010
News for the week of March 1st

[Mashable] Netflix Prize is No More Link

  • A customer complained that the rental statistics Netflix provides could be compared to rental history
  • Rental anonymity would not be protected
  • filed a lawsuit
  • prompted a FTC inquiry
  • Removed the $1 million prize they’ve offered for 3 years to people who could optimize Netflix’s recommendation service.

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[MarketWatch] Viacom yanking media from Hulu, particularly Colbert Report & Daily Show Link

  • dispute was over splitting add revenue Link
  • [Hulucination] CBS (owned by Viacom) happy they never joined Hulu Link
  • [Hulucination] If Hulu could provide a way for them to make money they’d be all for it

[GeekWithLaptop] The End of Hulu Link

  • recent news of Comedy Central pulling their programming has people wondering if Hulu is really working
  • debate over who gets paid how much
  • if switch to subscription service, number of users could drop
  • Leichtman survey of whether people would agree to play $9.95/month for Hulu – 81% disagree Link
[Wired] TiVo bringing teh internets to your TV (Blockbuster, Netflix, Amazon etc.) Link

  • new box
  • new interface
  • $300 and $500
  • available in April
[] TiVo not doing so hot Link
  • Loss of $10.2 mil for Q4
  • Competition with other services (Hulu, Netflix, iTunes)
  • Some TV’s provide built-in Digital Recording Devices

[True/Slant] NBC might lose Olympic coverage Link

  • criticism over how they handled 2010 game coverage
  • 2012 might be that last Olympics NBC covers
  • did not adequately utilize streaming available through internets
  • Limited content to paid subscribers

Unrelated: Comcast wants to buy NBC

[Hacking Netflix] How will USPS elimination of Saturday postal service affect DVD by mail? Link

  • Morgan Stanley Downgraded Stock
    • Based on that the USPS will raise price of postage and stop working on Saturday Link
    • Also, RedBox competition

[Hulucination] Sony managed to convince all major distributors to let their movies be purchased online and delivered in HD   Link

  • Exclusively for viewing on TV

[Hacking Netflix] New Netflix survey indicates it could be heading for the Nintendo DS Link

  • 152 Million DS owners

Feature of the Week – tweets with announcements about new movies to watch instantly




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