News for the Week of March 31st

8 04 2010

[Slate] In Verizon’s ongoing lawsuit (since 2007) of YouTube, neither company comes out looking too good Link More info and news after the break.

  • Previous legal ruling has shown that video hosting sites are not responsible for the content they host although they are required to remove it if it violates copyrights
  • Co-founders and CEO’s suffer from poor memory of specific details of start-up
  • Abundant evidence that YouTube was deliberately slow to take down illegal content in attempts to boost page visits and video views
  • Verizon shown to have created multiple shadow accounts to upload content and then later ordered that same content removed
* * *
[Fast Company, Engadget] Netflix streaming available on iPad as free app on launch day Link

  • CBS & ABC streaming apps as well, bypassing Hulu Link
  • NBC, while initially planning to provide streaming on iPad, is waiting…for now
  • first mobile device Netflix streaming is on
  • 12 hour battery + Netflix streaming = awesome
  • [Hacking Netflix] iPhone and iPod Touch apps in the works Link
* * *
[Hacking Netflix] Netflix Customers Showing Their Unhappiness With Warner Bros. Deal by Review Bombing Titles Link

  • Likely to mess with NetFlix’s crowd-sourced ratings
  • The Blind Side, Sherlock Holmes
  • Blockbuster using the fact that they have these movies already in advertising
* * *
[Cnet News] Hulu CEO Jason Kilar announces Hulu made a profit Link

  • First time since company start-up
  • profits for 2 quarters
  • $100,000,000 revenue in 2009
  • still might begin pay service
  • [Yahoo News] Might release an iPad app, and it could be pay-based Link

* * *

[Television Broadcast] Google Buys Episodic Link

  • San Francisco Company that: “publishes video…generates viewing metrics, enables ad insertion and accommodates credit card transactions
  • Also: video on demand and adaptive bitrate playback
  • Essentially, it adds features that, when combined with those already available in YouTube, make what people are describing as a “Hulu Killer”



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